Free Tutorial - We Have An Epic Tip That Shows You How To Alternatively Mount An sE Electronics Reflexion Filter On A Microphone Stand

Reflection filters are devices constructed out of several materials positioned around microphones in music production workflows. Reflection filters offer an affordable alternative to expensive acoustic treatment products such as foam panels seen in many "acoustically treated" recording studios. Acoustic treatment tames room echoes and/or reverberations providing a tighter sounding acoustic to record in.

Reflection filters enables music producers and artists to record instruments, such as vocals, in a variety of rooms either with or without acoustic treatment. The reflection filter acts as a portable vocal booth "filtering" out a strong amount of acoustic room energy that would normally enter the microphone. The results of recording with a reflection filter around a microphone in an untreated room are noticeably better than not using a filter.

Affordable Reflection Filter

SE Electronics have successfully pioneered the reflection filter for the last ten years. The first generation SE filter product was called "SE Reflexion Filter." Over the years this product has been developed and updated making this, the first generation filter, a very good and affordable second hand purchase. We have seen the used price of the first generation Reflexion Filter as little as £50 on internet auction sites.

Rodel Sound has owned and frequently used the first generation SE Reflexion Filter since 2008 and recently released a free online music production tutorial that you can watch below. The video demonstrates how the Reflexion Filter can be mounted in such a way not seen before to a microphone boom stand so that the filter is more stable and practical to use.