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What Do Professional Music Mixers Do?

Mixing music is often regarded as some kind of technical witchcraft, it isn't.

Mixing does indeed demand a certain level of technical instinct but creativity and artistry will always reign supreme when it comes to shaping and finessing a mix.

Skilled Mix Engineers strive to reveal the pure essence of feeling in the music while ensuring a song's natural trajectory is guided throughout the journey of the music.

A great mix isn't judged by how technically brilliant it sounds, no, for a mix to succeed it must first and foremost feel good to listen to. A mix must be emotive and feel united to the song itself whilst also being faithful to the artists behind the tracks.

Let Us Help You With Your Next Mix

Watch the video below to see how we can take the simplest skeleton of a demo project and transform it into a radio ready sounding production mix.

These days many songwriters are "self producing", which is fantastic! Home recording artists can very easily produce their own multi track recordings in the comfort of their own home and at a pace that best suits them, however, many do struggle when it comes to mixing.

Properly considered mixes take all the creative decisions made throughout both songwriting and production stages and combines them altogether to make an ear catching song.

Having your production mixed by the right person will enable your music to reach the level of quality you originally set out to achieve in the early stages of your production.

Delivering Your Music To Be Mixed Online

There are many benefits to hiring a mix engineer. Professional mix engineers provide an objective set of fresh ears to your music which in turn can highlight areas that can be improved that may benefit your music further.

Best Suited For:

  • Singer songwriters

  • Arrangers

  • Music Producers

  • Recording Artists

  • Bands

  • A&R - Labels

How Much Does It Cost For Rodel Sound To Mix My Music?

We charge £40 per hour, however, we can offer you a special price.

If you forward us a demo or rough mix of your song we will be able to offer you a one off flat rate quote that will be very competitive priced.

Please forward your rough mix to us using the form at the top of this page.

How Do I Prepare & Deliver My Session To Be Mixed By Rodel Sound Online?

We published an article which walks you through the whole process of preparing and delivering your stems  - Mix Preparation – Sending Your Music To An Online Mixing Professional. Once you have your project ready to send please use the uploader at the top of this page.