Music & Audio Mixing

Mixing music can often be wrongly perceived as a technical witchcraft. Professional music mixers behold the process as a creative practice married to an intuitive technical knowhow and workflow. Dan at Rodel Sound approaches every mix with the same mindset coupled with his common sense approach to musicality.

Mixing is all about working with creative concepts whilst ensuring the feel and vision for the production's trajectory is confirmed throughout the process. A great mix doesn't just sound great sonically, it also has to feel united to the song and artist behind the production.

Mixing your music

Nowadays musicians have very easy access to recording software and equipment. What's good about this growth in self producing is that it enables independent musicians to create their own multi track recordings in the comfort of their own surroundings and at their own pace.

The problem with this modern way of recording is that artists can often wear too many hats. Think about it; a songwriter who creates their own recordings are usually the songwriter, arranger, performer, editor, tracking engineer, producer and mixer. The mix is the process that confirms all the creative decisions made along the songwriting and production stages. Having your production mixed by the right person will enable the music to reach the level of quality you set out to achieve at the start of the production. 

Delivering Your Music To Be Mixed Online

The benefits of hiring a mix engineer to mix your music are priceless. It brings a fresh set of ears to your music that offers new perspectives that may have been missed.

It also gives the artist the opportunity to make creative choices to the feel of the song whilst leaving the technical distractions and internal battles of choice behind.

Best Suited For:

  • Singer songwriters
  • Arrangers
  • Music Producers
  • Bands
  • A&R - Labels
mixing audio and music services online

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Attended Mix Sessions

Every song is different so the amount of hours required to mix your content will vary.  Rodel Sound charges £35 per hour or £180 for a 6 hour client attended mix session.  Further discounts can be made available if your project needs several days to complete.

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Online Mixing Services

*£119 per song online mixing service

*The online mixing service rate above applies to projects featuring 16 tracks or less within a song duration of 3:30 minutes. Extra costs will be introduced for projects containing substantial track counts, vocal tuning and audio/timing alignment processes. Please forward a rough mix and written brief outlining your requirements. No extra costs will be applied unless agreed by both parties.