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Online Music Mastering Services

Rodel Sound charges £20 per master - Discounts available for multiple masters

See our Online Mastering Form for a full list of our mastering rates and to upload your mixes to us.

What Is Mastering?

Mastering is the last opportunity to finalise a mix or collection of songs ready for distribution.

Professional Mastering enhances and balances the overall sonic picture of a mix through dynamic processing, EQ and other subtle wizardry.

A carefully crafted and well considered master will achieve an emotive and sonically pleasing experience to the end listener. Mastering also adds impact and density along with increased overall loudness.

What About Album Mastering?

Mastering will enable an album to flow smoothly from one track to the next meaning the end listener will never need to reach for the volume control on their playback systems when listening to your music. Album mastering also irons out tonal differences between mixes which is a common challenge when producing an album. The main goal of album mastering is to give the album a cohesive sound and sonic signature.

How Do You Master Music?

Rodel Sound Online Mastering Services uses a blend of great sounding analog studio outboard gear along with an arsenal of top software audio plug-ins. This type of setup is typically known in the industry as a "hybrid studio setup". Such setups provides your music projects with the best of both world in terms on old school analog character coupled with modern digital processors that enable us to produce amazing sounding masters. 

Watch the video below to hear just the analog section in our studio process a full mix. 

How Do I Get My Tracks Mastered By Rodel Sound?

Send us your tracks via our Online Mastering Form.

If we have reason to believe your track(s) could be improved slightly then we will provide you with some free suggestions in order to help you make some adjustments to your music. Top quality mixes are the key to getting great sounding masters.

What We Require From You

Please supply your mixes in stereo .WAV or .AIFF formats - 16 BIT or preferably 24 BIT at 44.1 KHz (or higher) with reasonable headroom on the master output with no digital clipping. 

Please do not submit MP3 format. 

Your masters will be delivered to you in both MP3 and .WAV formats.

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