Composition Assistance & Music Production Service

The composition assistance, production and recording service provides an opportunity for artists and songwriters to take their original songs from paper and demos through to full music productions. Listen to before and after examples of work previously undertaken by Music Producer Dan Cooper @ Rodel Sound  

The Song

Prior to any recording session clients will be required to send their song & lyrics to Dan in the forms of a rough demo recording. Before any recording takes place Dan will decipher the entire musical content of the song by confirming the arrangement that relates to the clients creative ideas and brief. When both parties are happy with the song the approach to arrangement, music production and recording begins.

Clients work closely with Dan Cooper who will implement his musicianship, creative music production skills and unique sound engineering abilities to create a full production mix of the music.

Before The Recording Session

It is very important to explore every musical and emotive possibility within your music before taking your material to the production stage. Having a well written, strong and considered song to produce often turn out better than songs that have not been developed enough in the writing stage. For further development songwriters can submit their material to Rodel Sound's Song Appraisal service which provides artists with an overview of their material. The appraisals aim to help songwriters get the best from their creative ideas and music prior to any recording and production stages.

Best Suited For:

  • Singer songwriters
  • Soloists
  • Duos & groups
  • Lyricists

Unfortunately Rodel Sound no longer has the space to record full bands.

Available as client attended sessions at Rodel Sound's Studio working with Music Producer Dan Cooper

Also available as an online collaboration service. Send us your brief & music and we can communicate over Skype