Learn How You Can Collaborate With Online Session Musicians To Get The Absolute Best Possible Results In Your Music & Mixes - 3 Tips To Help You Communicate, Collaborate And Create

These days a vast majority of music production services are done online. The internet makes it very easy and cost effective for songwriters and musicians to collaborate on recording projects. This article outlines a handful of pointer that songwriters and music producers should consider when collaborating with online session musicians.

Let's say you have found an online session musician - These 3 pointers will help you get the best from the service and experience.


Provide a brief that outlines your requirements. Resist the need to be too detailed. Over complicated briefs limit the chance of real creative people magic. Briefs should have open areas for the online session musician to interpret themselves, creativity. This will provide your music with their fresh perspective, spirit and creativity.


Listen closely to the online session musician's portfolio. Listen to their playing style and technical quality of work. If you like particular areas of their work then reference them in your briefs. Session musician are a lot better at playing in their style suppose to performing in the style of someone else.


Always agree a deadline that is good for both parties as neither side will benefit from being rushed or pressured. Most online session musicians have other musical jobs in their working week. These types of musicians will know themselves when their most creative times are in their week. They will schedule themselves into their recording studios to work on your tracks in these fresh and creative times. Sending a song to an online session musician in the evening and expecting it completed the following morning may only get you below average results.