Learn How You Can Build & Soundproof A Recording Studio From A Garden Shed

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In this article we share two videos that show you exactly how we designed and built our soundproof recording studio from an existing garden outhouse - Sheds don’t have to be used just for storing lawnmowers you know!

Our Previous Recording Studios

In 2017, Rodel Sound embarked on a massive project outside of the usual music and multimedia production work we do here. We set out to design, build and soundproof a new recording studio. Sound simple? It’s wasn’t, especially when the starting point for such an ambitious project was a humble garden shed.

Up until that point Rodel Sound had been based out of two separate studios. Both spaces were not what you would say fit for the job of professional recording but they did serve us well over the years.

Rodel Sound 2010 - 2015

Rodel Sound 2010 - 2015

Rodel Sound 2015 - 2017

Rodel Sound 2015 - 2017

Sound leaked into both these studios from the outside world which proved to be challenging when microphones were armed and ready to record. With this build we chose to address this by going all out on soundproofing. A building method known as “a room within a room” was chosen as this, if built carefully, reduces airborne noise entering from the outside world transmitting into the studio and vice versa.

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Soundproofing A Shed To Be A Recording Studio

The cabin (garden shed) was our starting point. From a soundproofing point of view the timbre structure wasn’t going to add anything to the soundproofing properties but the space inside was ample and the foundations were strong. We chose to use the shed as the starting point to save some money as building projects of these natures can quickly become mighty expensive fast.

What our video that we published a few months before we started the build to see the space in it’s original form…

The Studio In Its Original State Before We Started Soundproofing

Our studio build took several weeks to complete. We hired the brilliant builders from Weldon Bespoke Furniture who did an amazing job We followed every piece of soundproofing advice that we received from our friends at iKoustic, who are specialists in acoustic design, to the letter.

If you skimp on one aspect of a soundproof design you run the risk of failing to meet you objectives… that and you potentially waste a boat load of money as well! When soundproofing a room the devil will always be in the details.

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The Devil’s In The Detail In Soundproof Studio Builds

Tiny cracks need to be sealed, mass needs to be added, air gaps need to be carefully placed… the list goes on, building a soundproofed studio isn’t for the faint hearted… but it is mighty rewarding and a dream come true if one of your aspirations is to one day have your very own purpose built creative space.

We have published severals free articles on our partner site Production Expert which explain each of the processes we took in this build - Read here.

Below you can watch our full studio build documentary video. We captures hours of footage and edited it together to help those who wish to convert their own garden cabin or shed into a soundproof recording studio. We proved this can be done, watch the video to see how.

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