Free Rodel Sound Multitrack Audio Stems You Can Download And Use To Help You Improve Your Mixing & Mastering Skills Fast


Rodel Sound has made available a 34 multitrack audio stem bundle from a recent production. These stems are free to download. The stems are from a song called "I oo" - Written by GeorgieDAN, Produced & Mixed by Dan Cooper @ Rodel Sound.

Download this free audio stem bundle today to practise your mixing skills.

  • Do you want to improve your mixing skills? Download this bundle of stems to use to improve your mixing skills
  • Do you think you can mix this song better? Are you already a skilled mixer? Listen to our finished mix below - If you believe you can do a better job then we welcome you to download these stems and "Beat Our Mix" :)

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The Song - "I oo" Mixed By Dan Cooper @ Rodel Sound

Download a .zip folder of 44.1 kHz 24 Bit WAVS - file size 334 MB

Terms & Conditions

  • This download is a non-exclusive license solely for the purposes of this offer
  • The song "I oo" and audio stems are the full intellectual property of GeorgieDAN.
  • No one who downloads this bundle of stems has the right to redistribute this song in any form (Including SoundCloud/YouTube). The audio stems must remain local on recipient's hard drives.
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