Developing Your Songs Can Be Hard. Learn Three Ways To Harness The Full Power Of Developing Your Creative Ideas To Improve Your Next Song

Here are three quick songwriting development tips to help songwriters get the best from their music. Developing a song is a vital stage that often gets ignored. 

Demo Recording


Throughout the writing stage you should keep your phone or tablet close by so that you can record freshly written ideas as rough demos. These recordings are so important as they give songwriters something to refer back to as the song becomes more complete. It is all too easy to overwrite a song as many of us can get lost in the excitement of creativity.

Record your initial ideas as these were the initial inspiration... "the catalyst" of the song in progress. It is all too easy to forget freshly written sections, so solely writing down lyrics and chord progressions isn't enough. Keep your phone or tablet close ensuring sections are recorded as they feel right to you in the moment. When you feel the song is complete record a full demo of the performance from start to finish.

Distance Yourself

Put some space between you and newly written songs. If anything, strike while the iron's hot and start a new song as your creativity may be on a roll. Having space from a new song provides writers with fresh ears and perspective upon hearing it again. Fresh perspective helps songwriters make better and often more important development choices to the song as a whole entity of itself, rather than dissecting it note by note in pursuit of perfection. 


live performance songwriter

Feedback is so important to a songwriter. There's no better stage for receiving feedback than the old tried and true method of getting out there and performing live to an audience. Throughout the performance, you should try to pay attention to how the audience reacts to your song and how they receive it. Does the audience pay attention to you? If so are they engaging with you by singing or clapping along? What's the ambience like? Has the venue gone quiet because they are paying close attention to you?

After performing seasoned songwriters make themselves available to chat to people in the audience so that they can get feedback from them. Everyone has an opinion so take the rough with the smooth and leave with the feedback that is most constructive to you and your material.