One-To-One Singing And Guitar Music Lessons In Bromley, Kent @ Rodel Sound

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Private Music Tutor: Georgie Cooper - Registered BYMT Singing Teacher, RGT Guitar Tutor, LCM Exam Board.

Lessons Fees: £40 per hour, lessons taught from our studio - Find Us

One-to-one lessons in acoustic/electric guitar & singing for pop/music theatre with experienced exam tutor and DBS checked, RGT registered Guitar Teacher & AOTOS listed Vocal Coach Georgie Cooper.

Georgie has over 15 years experience as a private & peripatetic music tutor throughout The London Borough of Bromley - Kent, UK

Voice - Singing Lessons


Singing lessons & vocal coaching for leisure singing or following the LCM syllabus from Grade 1 up to Grade 8.

Learn intercostal diaphragmatic breathing, forward placement and how to use your larynx. Learn how to train and look after your voice, increase your range, use your chest and head voice, get vibrato and power behind your vocals.  

BYMT Performance Opportunities

As a member of the BYMT, Georgie's students have the option of partaking in several annual concerts for parents at the BYMT centre in Bromley. There are also options to join choirs and groups ranging from pop to choir and classical. It is proven that children maintain a greater motivation for singing/their instrument when they are part of a band or group.

Musical Theatre Lessons

Singing lessons & performance techniques for amateur dramatics or following the LCM syllabus from Grade 1 up to Grade 8. Vocal coaching as above but without the music theory. Exams are split marked 50/50 on both your acting and singing. Learn how to sing whilst dancing and / or delivering a performance.

For Professionals

  • Critique of a particular song/s for example; exam selection

  • Audition prep & coaching

  • Technique coaching for self-taught singers

  • Recording your vocals on site at

Spoken Voice

  • Learn how to deliver a strong spoken presentation

  • Increase your confidence when speaking in front of large groups

  • Learn how to project your voice with power and volume

  • Projection & delivery for play reading / acting

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Guitar Lessons (Acoustic, Electric & Bass)


Electric Guitar Lessons

Want to learn how to play your favourite rock songs? Always wanted to play a guitar solo? Learn chords, scales and how to read tab? We teach for either leisure play or following the RGT Electric Guitar Grade syllabus 1-8.

Our teaching styles range from folk, blues, modern rock, pop rock, indie rock, grunge.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Want to be able to accompany yourself on the guitar? Or learn to play some campfire favourites? We teach for either leisure play or following the RGT Acoustic Guitar Grade syllabus 1-8. Styles on offer are modern acoustic (chords, scales & strumming), flat picking and acoustic blues, folk, rock and pop. This course is also suitable for songwriters.

Ukulele Lessons

Tuition and RGT grade exams on this popular, trending instrument. The light and portable ukulele is ideal for young children wanting to try an instrument for the first time and is easier for little fingers than a guitar.  Side stepping to the guitar at a later age will also be an easier transition as the principles are the same.

Performing Guitar And Vocals At The Same Time

One of Georgie’s specialties is to help guitarists who wants to play and sing at the same time. Multi tasking can detract from both disciplines and make performing a difficult task. Lessons in a mock stage type set up over both instruments with a microphone increases confidence.

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