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Established 2010

Music Production - Online Music Mixing & Mastering

Rodel Sound provide specialist Recording Studio services, Music ProductionOnline Music Mixing, and Online Music Mastering for songwriters and recording artists. 

Run independently by Dan Cooper - a highly experienced Sound Engineer, Session Musician, Music Producer, Mixer and Multi-Instrumentalist with over 15 years active involvement in the UK Music Industry.

Rodel Sound has over 130 client reviews.

 Main Recording Studio Services

Songwriting Assistance, Music Production & Engineering

Expert Music Arrangement and Music Production services

Attended Sessions & Online Song Music Mixing Services

Book client attended sessions or collaborate online

Online Mastering Individual Songs, EPs Or Album Projects

Finish your productions with fresh and experienced ears

Get One Of Your Songs Mastered By Rodel Sound For Free Through Real Analog Studio Outboard Gear

For a limited time Rodel Sound Ltd are offering you the chance to get song of your songs mastered for free.

We have some amazing studio outboard gear that we want to share with you.

For more information, terms and conditions please visit our Free Online Music Mastering page - What have you got to lose?

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