Video Production Service

YouTube video's receive over 4 billion plays per day with over 300 hours of new content being uploaded every minute! YouTube is the world's superpower in free and easy to access entertainment. It's why brands incorporate YouTube video content production into their marketing strategies.

Rodel Sound offer video production services for brands requiring web videos. Below are three types of videos Rodel Sound produce.

Styles Of Video Production

Adverts & Trailers

A very effective form of brand marketing is through short engaging web adverts hosted on YouTube and embedded into brand websites.

Bite sized web adverts provide a quick insight into brands while eliminating the need for audiences to read through brand website information.

Product Reviews

Video reviews are a very powerful use of video content as viewers of such content are most likely to be watching the video in mind of spending money.

A well informed video review could be the deciding factor in a viewer's decision to purchase the product.


"How To" videos are a great way to advertise brands without directly doing so.

Sharing free and engaging tips, tricks and knowledge within a brand's field of expertise demonstrate brand experience and community focus.

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Video Production Service Includes


Pre Production & Planning

Creative support in storyboarding and script writing for video production.


Filming On Location

Direction and filming from the pre-production & storyboard plan.

video editing

Video Editing

The bringing together of the pre-production and filming stages with titles and graphics.

Music & Sound

Music and sound effects will be used to enhance the viewing experience depending on the storyboard and editing stages. 


Voiceover Recording

Narrative or dialogue voiceover recording and mixing.



Delivery and publication of video to YouTube channel and brand website.