Get Your Next Song Sketch Transformed Into A Demo Production

What Is A Song Sketch?

Song sketches are initial ideas either written down on paper or recordings on phones or other simple recording devices

What Is A Demo Production?

Demo productions demonstrates how a song will sound in the context of a collection of instruments. Typical track types in demo productions include:

  • Drums

  • Bass

  • Guitar

  • Keyboard

  • Percussion

  • Lead Vocal

  • Backing Vocal

Demo productions give songwriters an idea of what their songs are capable of in the context of a mix without changing the genre of the song. Quality sounding demos, such as the recordings we will produce for you in this service, are typically described as "broadcast quality" recordings and are widely accepted by many top music publishers for licensing.

How Is A Demo Different From A Full Music Production?

A full production of a song is a deeply considered process that takes many hours of work. Demos are an important "Pre Production" stage between song sketches and full music production.

When a song has gone through the rigorous stages of music production then it is referred to as being an "artist release" or "radio release".

What We Need From You

Please send us an audio file such as an MP3 along with a separate text document that has your lyrics and chords written in bars along with the song BPM, if known. Send these assets to us through our online uploader on this page.

It takes us around 3 working days to complete and deliver your demo production.

How Much Do You Charge For Sketch To Demo Services?

We're songwriters, so we know exactly how important it is these days to have broadcast quality demos ready in your portfolio to forward to music industry people.

Who Is This Demo Production Service For?

  • Songwriters who do not have the technical skills to produce a multi-track, multi-instrumental demo production

  • Songwriters who need a fresh set of ears and perspective in order to take their work to higher levels

  • Prolific songwriters who have little time to spend being technical

  • Lyricists who are unable to play instruments (We require an acapella sketch from such artists)

What’s The Catch?

There aren't any... although we do need to make it clear that you are paying for a demo service, not a full Music Production service.

Revisions or do-overs are not part of this demo service. We do ask that you provide us with a written brief that includes some creative ideas from you before we start working on your music. Upload your briefs in our online uploader at the top of this page.

How Much Does Your Demo Recording Service Cost?

Upload a file of your song via our uploader. This can be a scratch phone recording, it doesn’t matter what the quality is as long as we can get a sense of your music. After we review your song we will be able to quote you a one off price. Don’t worry, our rates are extremely reasonable.

Would You Like The Audio Stems From The Demo?

For an additional £14.99 we will prepare and deliver all the tracks in your demo as audio stem which will enable you to import the separate tracks into your own DAW so that you can build on the demo at your own leisure.

Demo To Full Music Production

If you require a full Music Production from the  demo we provide you then this can be passed over to our head Music Producer Dan Cooper. If you have opted for the two track guitar and vocal service and decide to develop this into a 6 track demo then please let us know at a later stage.