Did You Know Rough Demo Recordings Will Save You A lot Of Time And Effort The Next Time You Produce A Song In Your Recording Studio? Learn Why Now


Recording a demo provides songwriters and music producers with a fast and creative music production process. Demo recordings only ever need to be simple audio sketches that translate a song's core feeling and musical content. Many songwriters use iOS apps to record demos.

Confirm The Song Structure

Demo recordings help confirm the final stages of the songwriting process. A song’s tempo, key, feel, structure, groove, dynamics and mood should be performed in the demo recording. Confirming these musical elements in demos help songwriters to focus fully on music arrangement, music production and performance.

A Selection Of Songs

it is good for songwriters to have alternative songs recorded as demos. Having a selection of songs helps songwriters and music producers to confirm that they have chosen the correct song for them to invest time and money into producing. There can sometimes be a better song written by a songwriter, a hidden gem that may work better in music production.  

Time To Develop The Song

Demo recordings also provide songwriters with a chance to take a step back from the song and songwriting process. If a song still stands up to critique a week later with no further development needed then the song is most likely ready for music production.

Music Production Ideas

Demos can also be treated as a music production trial run. Songwriters with skills in recording software can experiment with creative pre-production ideas. These can musically prepare other parties in the production and can also help direction.

To Pressure Recording

Being able to record music in a pressure free environment can be very liberating. Often the best and most organic recordings can be captured when a songwriter isn't in the middle of a recording studio. In the past I have incorporated elements from a demo into a final production such as backing vocal recordings.