New Rodel Sound Website

rodel sound website

Welcome to the new Rodel Sound website and a new (or slightly borrowed) way of thinking for websites such as these.  Over the past five years I have treated the Rodel site as a means to solely advertise my services, however over time I've realised people want more from a website than just rate sheets and flashy images. 

Rodel Sound's services are going to focus more on working with clients over the internet.  Client attended sessions have always been the most successful part of the services I offer so please don't think for one minute I am going to abandon that. The online services will offer discounts on attended sessions, affordable appraisal services so that you get a musicians/producers overview of your music before recording and mixing services for those producing at home.

As some of you know I contribute to the Pro Tools Expert blog which is a lot of fun for me and gets me off the desert island that is self employment... and you may also know that I work with my wife Georgie on a project called the Free 6 5 Music Live under our songwriting duo name GeorgieDAN. I want to pull these internet experiences together into in the pursuit of giving you more reasons to click into the site other than just booking sessions with myself. If any of you can think of any resources or services that would be of benefit to your musicianship that I can incorporate into Rodel Sound and the website please do drop me a line to let me know your thoughts.

Hope you enjoy the changes and as always thank you for your support.

Keep it creative

Dan Cooper