Georgie Cooper Joins Rodel Sound As Creative Songwriting Assistant


We are thrilled to announce that Georgie Cooper has joined the Rodel Sound Team as Creative Songwriting Producer. For nearly ten years Rodel Sound has provided specialist Music Production services across the globe serving countless songwriters, bands and recording artists. We are super excited about this news as Georgie brings many talents to our table, chief among which is her mind-blowing ability to take tiny concepts & song ideas and develop them into brilliantly crafted and commercially competitive songs.

For years Georgie was a quiet Rodel Sound contributor working in the background supporting our values, the decision for Georgie to transition into this new fulltime role was an easy and obvious decision for us to make. 

Georgie's main role will be serving Rodel Sound's increasing songwriter client base in realising their musical visions by developing their song sketches and producing broadcast quality demo recordings. You can read more about this new service we offer here: Get Your Next Song Sketch Transformed Into A Demo Production

Georgie will support songwriters in creative co-writing, composition contributions, song appraisals and artist development.

What Georgie has to say....

As a songwriter of 26 years and a recording artist I know how it feels to want to realise your original song into a great demo for others to hear. This can be for two main reasons, either personal fulfilment or for the purpose of pitching songs to publishers, labels and sync opportunities. My new role at Rodel Sound will enable me to help you take your song ideas to higher levels in the forms of guitar and vocal sketches or demo production services. I look forward to working with you.

Read Georgie's full bio here

For more information and to discuss your next project with Georgie please contact us.