Song Critique Service

Our Song Critique service provides songwriters and musical artists with clear, constructive suggestions in order to help them take their written songs and music productions to the next level.

Songwriters are usually the most critical people when it comes to their own music and at the same time be the most reluctant of new ideas. One of the most important stages in songwriting is feedback. Songwriters need clear and constructive feedback so that their material has the opportunity to develop and reach higher potentials.

Song Critique Service

Our song appraisal service offers a new format for music critiquing. Our service provides songwriters with:

  • Constructive criticism with ways to improve
  • Musical and lyrical analysis
  • Arrangement and structure suggestions
  • Pre production ideas for those intending to record and produce their song
  • Production ideas for those who are recording their music
  • Mix suggestion for those at the final stages of recording their song

Rodel Sound's Critiques will appraise and encourage you and your creative work. All appraisals will be undertaken with an unbiased attitude and fresh perspective so that you can be provided with a clear and structured overview of your songs with musical direction. Check out the example at the top of the page.

Rodel Sound is client focused, ensuring songwriters get the best from their music and talents.

Please use this form to submit your song. Each appraisal costs £19.99, which is payable via PayPal when submitting songs. Our reviews take between one to two working days to complete and return. If you have any further questions please use the contact page.

100% Money back guarantee

If you feel you did not find this service to be of any value to you or your music then you are entitled to a full refund.

song appraisal critique service

£19.99 per song appraisal
48 hour turnaround