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Think of this subject as 'Music With Technology' as one cannot succeed without the other. Having a good understanding of both music theory and technical ability will reward any aspiring music producer with the skills to produce great self made music every time.

Learn Music production And Recording Studio skills

For decades music production has been the obvious "next step" for musicians as it is a area where they can easily apply their talents. At times, learning the studio technology, recordings methods and mindsets can be difficult. The internet has become an unlimited pool of music technology tutorials which is great, however, many are subjective and miss out important techniques that can leave you guessing.

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Rodel Sound's tuition offers to coach you in the areas you need help in. Dan at Rodel Sound ensures you grasp every fundamental lesson behind any area of 'Music with Technology' you wish to learn. Dan's lessons will become second nature to you, and most importantly, part of your musical intuition which will enable you to grow as a producer, mixer or recording engineer.


  • £25 per hour
  • £15 per half hour
  • £180 8 week term (8 x 1 hour lessons)
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