Online Audio Track & Music Mastering Service

Mastering enhances final mixes through professional uses of dynamic processing. Mastering achieves an emotive and sonically pleasing experience to final mixes while delivering impact and overall volume to music that is expected by any audience listening to your work. 

Mastering enables an album to flow smoothly between tracks so that the end listener never feels the need to reach for volume and tone controls on their playback systems. Mastering will make your song, EP or album sound like a cohesive entity in itself.

How Do I Get My Tracks Mastered At Rodel Sound?

Firstly you need to upload your track(s) via the form on this page.

Upon receiving your tracks we will listen to your mixes to decide if they are suitable for mastering. If a mix is not suitable or ready for mastering you will be notified on how to make amendments to your mixes so that the mastering of your project can be undertaken. Good quality mixes are the key to great sounding masters.

Please supply your tracks in stereo .WAV or .AIFF formats in 16 BIT or 24 BIT at 44.1 KHz or higher with reasonable headroom on the master output with no digital clipping. Please do not submit MP3 format as the data compression applied removes information from the sonics. Your masters will be delivered in MP3 and .WAV CD formats.

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