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 Rodel Sound's multimedia services help brands to improve their online presence through website design and web content production.

A brand that publishes free valuable web content establishes their reputation by proving to the world that they are a master of their trade.

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Ideas For How To Target Your Audience With Web Content

Website Design Service

Rodel Sound develop websites with brand and end user experiences in mind.
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Web Content Production & Support Services

Brand Developed Content - Target Your Audiences

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To improve engagement and web traffic statistics brands need to encompass development of quality, free at the point of use web content. The benefits of publishing free targeted content such as written blogs, YouTube videos and podcasts provide brands with strong opportunities to share and reinforce their values, mission statement, products & services in order to captivate new audiences and customers.

Rodel Sound offer Web Content Production Services.

Video Production Service

Brand focused web adverts, interviews, instructional training videos.

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Podcast Production Service

Brand focused podcast episodes or series based around brand specialities and industry.

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How To Target Your Audience With Web Content

A Real World Example


A website and domain name is not enough these days to rank well on Google, let alone generating any form of website traffic. Brands need to expose themselves through different content medias and web channels in order to compete and get higher traffic.

The Example: A high street gym wants to increase their website traffic. Below are 6 ways the gym can implement multimedia content into their website strategies to help attain their goals:

  1. Offer discounts on membership if customers sign up to the brand's mailing list.  A weekly newsletter can advertise further last minute deals, fitness classes or general news. Mailing lists keep brands in audience's awareness and are the golden bullet in marketing if strong mailing lists have been cultivated.
  2. Create a free series of short fitness podcasts. Podcasts can be found on the gym's website and through in iTunes. Podcasts are a great way of sharing a brand's expertise and personality.
  3. Post a free weekly video demonstrating a fitness technique, again can be included in the gyms's website and YouTube channel.
  4. Post blog articles on the brand's website. A good topic could be real life success stories about how the gym helped a customer reach their fitness goals.
  5. Create an online registration form for new members and an online booking system for classes.
  6. Collect customer reviews on third party websites so new customers can get an unbiased real world idea of the gym's customer service.