Recording Studio Availability & Bookings For Client Attended Sessions

  • Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 16:00
  • Saturdays & Sunday: Closed

EMAIL Rodel Sound directly through our contact page to book your next recording studio session.


Rescheduling Recording Session

Clients are allowed to change the date and time of their booking once per payment. If you wish to change the date / time of your booking please provide Rodel Sound with 48 hours notice via phone or e-mail. Bookings can not be rescheduled if LESS than 48 hours notice has been provided. 

Attended Recording Session Payment

All rates to be paid in full via bank transfer prior to session start.

Turning Up Late

The session starts at the time you, the client, booked. The studio holds no responsibility for clients lateness.

Not Turning Up To Booked Session

This will result in your full payment being forfeited and future bookings will have to be rebooked with a new payment.

Project Files & Stems

All projects files and stems will be permanently stored on our backup drives for future reference. Stem mixes can be provided to the client - minimum charge £35.